How your gut health impacts your overall health

How Your Gut Health Impacts Your Overall Health

A healthy gut impacts your overall health.

The gut microbiome is highly responsive to diet, and impacts every aspect of physiology from digestion to endocrine function.

In this video webinar for Pure Encapsulations, Dr. Felice L. Gersh discusses the clinical connections between the gut microbiome and women’s health, with a focus on nutritional support for ovarian function and metabolic homeostasis.*

Watch the video and learn:

  • Recognize gut health as a common barrier to successful interventions in women’s health care
  • Review important facts about the gut microbiome and its role in reproductive function and hormonal balance in women
  • Recognize food as both a hormone and a microbiome modifier that influences reproductive health
  • Understand the impact of meal timing on a woman’s microbiome and endocrine system
  • Learn how to support endocrine, ovarian and metabolic health using a nutritional approach that starts with the gut*

Watch the video and get great tips from Dr Gersh on how to eat right for optimal health!