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Medical Forensic Expert
Medical Forensic Expert

Medical justice is an essential but often complicated and emotionally charged part of our justice system. Because of my extensive knowledge and experience in obstetrics and gynecology, I am often asked to provide medical forensic expertise in an array of civil and criminal cases on behalf of both the plaintiff and the defense.

My experience as a forensic medical expert includes sexual assault cases, employment disputes, accident cases, patent law, pharmaceutical and medical device issues, and malpractice cases.

Sexual Assault Expertise

One of my unique areas of expertise involves consultations and expert testimony involving cases of sexual assault. I am adept at explaining the nuances of such cases to attorneys and juries, and I help them feel confident in their understanding of the subject matter.

I use my knowledge and experience to explain anatomy in clear and simple language, both to attorneys and to juries. A large part of my role involves helping jury members feel comfortable with the medical elements of a case so they can focus on the significant facts and make a dispassionate, informed decision. This includes taking the emotional emphasis off elements of a case that may be particularly distressing.

Felice Gersh

My services include:

Areas of expertise:

  • Case reviews and generation of reports
  • Deposition and trial assistance, for both plaintiff and defense
  • Expert medical consultations and trial preparation for attorneys
  • Expert advice on sexual assault, for both criminal defense and prosecution
  • Gynecological examinations and office procedures
  • Missed gynecological diagnosis
  • Gynecological injuries suffered in accidents of all sorts
  • Gynecological-related pharmaceuticals
  • Gynecological-related medical devices
  • Laws relating to women’s health rights
  • All aspects of sexual assault
  • Gynecological surgery
  • First-trimester pregnancy complications and miscarriages
  • Environmental medicine issues affecting reproductive and female health
  • Nutrition and supplements affecting female health

Interested in Discussing Medical Forensics?

If you are interested in discussing my medical forensic work and you have a potential case coming up, please reach out by calling my office at (949) 753-7475 or emailing us below.