Integrative Medical Group of Irvine

Making an Appointment

New Patients and Your First Visit

We are delighted to welcome you to the Integrative Medical Group of Irvine. We are here to help with every aspect of your care, so please call us with any medical problems or concerns you may have.

When you arrive, please come 30 minutes early to be sure all paperwork is completed prior to the start of your appointment time. After check in, you will be asked to see the medical assistant to have your vital signs taken.

If you are late to your appointment, the doctor will not be able to add extra time to your visit, as this would impact the time reserved by our other patients.

Since this is a medical office, emergencies do arise on occasion, and we request your patience when unavoidable delays occur. Otherwise, we will make every effort to stay on schedule and respect the value of your time.

It is required that credit card information be on file for each patient. Charges would only be made with your permission, or in the event you give insufficient notice to cancel an appointment, or if a check has insufficient funds. In any event, we will notify you of all charges made.

When you call and make your appointment, detailed information will be provided as to pricing, payments, and needed paperwork to be done for the visit.


Cancellation Policy

As a New or Existing Patient, you must cancel your appointment at least 2 full business days ahead of time, or you will be charged half the amount for the scheduled appointment.

We reserve substantial amounts of time for patient appointments and, unfortunately, are typically unable to fill last-minute cancellation spots with other patients.

Cancellations are only valid if you have received verbal or email confirmation from us via the MD-HQ portal. Regular email is not acceptable for cancellation notifications.

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