As an “out of network” practice, we care for and treat you based on your needs, not on the needs of an insurance company. We offer you comprehensive care, often consisting of lifestyle, holistic, and complementary treatments, along with advanced laboratory tests, all of which are frequently deemed “experimental” to exclude them from insurance companies’ covered benefits. Because of this limited ability to work with most insurance carriers, our financial arrangement is with you. It is expected that you will pay for the care you receive at the time of service, or, if you are enrolled in a membership plan, most of your costs will have been prepaid by you.

  • After payment is made to our office, the bills can be submitted to PPO insurance plans as “out of network” and will be reimbursed directly to you according to each individual insurance plan. We encourage you to contact your insurance company for information on your coverage.
  • We are not providers for any HMO insurance, nor are we Medicare providers.
  • Medicare patients are also required to pay at time of service and will NOT be eligible for Medicare reimbursements.

We have 2 basic options at this time. You can prepay for 12 months of comprehensive care, or choose to pay for the services and visits, as they occur. Prices are available by calling our office.

We strongly encourage you to register for the complete programs, as that is the means to get the fastest results, as well as the best response to treatment. Our programs have been designed to offer you the fullest array of therapies to heal your inflammation and reverse the ways it is manifesting in your body.

However, at this time, we are permitting our patients to pay for visits and services as they occur.

Prices for individual services are available by calling the office.

The costs for laboratory testing are set by the labs themselves. We have made every effort to secure the best rates at the most advanced laboratories, and they will usually bill your insurance and often have very reasonable co-pays, keeping your costs manageable. Although we will do our best to explain the charges for any lab tests that have been ordered, we are not able to guarantee the exact amount for which you will be ultimately responsible.

Insurance information is used solely for the purpose of billing related to lab work. Lab tests will be paid at the same level as if you went to an in-network practice, including Medicare. Since insurance plans can change annually, patients are advised to present a current insurance card at each visit to ensure that tests are billed correctly. It is the patient’s responsibility to update IMGI with current insurance information.

We require payment on the day of service. We accept Cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express and personal checks. We also accept Health Savings Account cards. A fee of $75 will be issued in the event of insufficient funds.

We only charge your credit card in the event you don’t provide us adequate notice of an appointment cancellation or you provide us a check with insufficient funds. We will notify you of such charges prior to running your card.

Most patient appointments are scheduled weeks in advance, and we are unlikely to be able to fill in appointments that are cancelled at the last minute. Since your appointment time is uniquely scheduled for you, New Patients must cancel at least 2 full business days ahead of an appointment or they will be charged the full amount for the appointment. Existing patients must cancel at least 2 business days ahead of an appointment or they will be charged $100 for the first cancellation and the full appointment fee thereafter. Cancellations require a verbal or email confirmation from us via the MD-HQ portal. Regular email will not suffice for requesting cancellation of an appointment.

Dr. Gersh was originally trained as a specialist in women’s health, and that is still her primary focus. However, after completion of the 2-year Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona School of Medicine, she is fully trained to see men as well, and welcomes them.

Absolutely! She originally practiced as a pediatric naturopathic doctor, but then expanded into the care of adult men and women. She is qualified to care of all ages.

We are open Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and on some Saturdays, from 8:00 AM to noon.