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Sleep disturbances are common but complex to treat. Conventional treatment with a hypnotic or anti-histamine drug is unsatisfactory and actually dangerous. Sleep is not a state of being passively unconscious, but rather it is a very active time for the body to heal, recharge the immune system, and rejuvenate. In order to achieve healthful sleep, one needs to pass through the appropriate stages of sleep, undergoing the various brain wave states in the correct order. Hypnotic sleep medications and anti-histamines can create a state of drugged “unawareness,” but this is a poor substitute for true sleep. Over time, the body suffers from true sleep deprivation while developing a physiological dependence on the drugs. And when sleep apnea is present, the medications increase the risk of worsening apnea and sudden death.

We tackle insomnia with an Integrative approach, recognizing its complexity. We investigate eating habits, sleep rituals, stress levels, pharmaceuticals taken which can inadvertently cause insomnia, exercise routines, and all medical issues. We educate on how to create a healthy sleep lifestyle, and consider the short-term use of medicinal herbs, melatonin, and neurotransmitter precursors, along with meditation and our many holistic therapies.

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