Why choose us?

We truly believe we are unique in our approach to health and well-being, and can provide you with a level of care rarely seen. Our goals are clear – to help you to be happy, strong, vibrant, and energetic. We want you to love life and look forward to each new day.

Knowing that the human body is amazingly complex and challenged by toxic chemicals and environmental pollution, aging, nutritional deficiencies, pharmaceuticals, chronic stress, electromagnetic energy, hormonal deficiencies, and more, we work endlessly to not only increase, but to constantly update, our already extensive knowledge base. In the past two years alone, we have attended meetings of the Androgen Excess and PCOS Society in Italy and Australia, as well as the annual meetings of the American College of Sports Medicine in Boston and Denver. Among many others, we have also attended and made presentations at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine meetings in Las Vegas and Hollywood, Florida, and the Institute of Functional Medicine conference in San Diego.

In addition, both Dr. Gersh and Dr. Kowata took the environmental medicine course given by the renowned naturopathic doctor, Walter Crinnion. Dr. Kowata is also undertaking a rigorous, nearly two year program in advanced homeopathy from the most respected doctors in the field. We read endlessly and attend innumerable conferences.

As well, we have a unique approach to medical problems, providing the most expansive view of the complexity of the human body. Understanding that there simply is no way to “dummy-down” the most beautiful and intricate systems of our bodies, we look at all facets of health and develop treatment plans which allows us to tackle problems from the simplest  to the most complex. We also work with those who are healthy and wish to remain so for a very long time.

Our entire team believes in sharing their knowledge with our patients to enrich the treatment possibilities. This provides a powerful force aimed at a single target – bringing you back to optimal health!