Tame the Flames of Your Skin

Many think that skin care is a frivolous issue, populated by the vain and egotistical. At IMGI, we believe quite the opposite is true. Skin is your largest organ and mirrors well the overall health status of the individual it encases. If it is very dry, oily, has brown blotchy spots, redness, scales, roughness, or acne breakouts… it is not healthy, and of course, you will not feel happy to see your reflection. In fact, bad skin is a major cause of serious depression for all genders, at all ages. And knowing that skin is truly the outward manifestation of the inner state of one’s health, caring properly for skin deserves to be recognized as of great importance.

At IMGI, we take an integrative approach to skin care, first thoroughly evaluating it, then reviewing your overall health issues and lifestyle characteristics. We then provide excellent options for your skin health, which may include nutritional advice, supplements, stress reduction, energy medicine, acupuncture, and homeopathy. As well, we utilize pharmaceuticals when appropriate, seeking to minimize toxic drugs and antibiotics. Our skilled aesthetician can do many effective skin care therapies, including facials, peels, and microdermabrasion, offering effective natural and organic skin care products. When necessary, we utilize several laser therapies to assist our patients in optimizing their skin health.

Dr. Gersh is experienced in the use of dermal fillers of many sorts, and uses them to fill in acne scars, dramatically improving the look of the skin. And lastly, for our patients who desire a more youthful appearance, we offer Botox and several types of dermal fillers. Dr. Gersh has an artistic streak and has amazing skill with these products, eliminating the look of several years of aging in a few minutes.