Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

We understand PCOS and the painful challenges you face every day. We have developed unique lifestyle therapies that restore the natural genetic and hormonal rhythms of life. This, in turn, dramatically reduces the inflammation that underlies so many of the most common PCOS symptoms. We also use the latest scientific and holistic therapies and techniques, wherever appropriate, to help you restore your health and your happiness. Our goal is for you to have the life you desire and deserve.

PCOS is a complicated syndrome, with a consistent theme of inflammation driving its many abnormalities. Inflammation breeds insulin resistance, cholesterol abnormalities, belly fat and weight gain, anxiety and depression, gastrointestinal dysfunction, sleep disturbances, autoimmunity, poor detoxification, acne, menstrual irregularity, infertility, cardiovascular disease, dementia, cancer risk, and more! We work to understand the root cause of your inflammation, and “tame the flames of PCOS!”

Treating PCOS

The work-up for women with PCOS is elaborate. A broad array of laboratory testing is necessary, covering cardiovascular risk markers, markers of inflammation, comprehensive hormonal status, autoimmunity, gastrointestinal evaluation of digestion and the gut microbiome, nutritional deficiencies, detoxification pathways, epigenetics, toxin loads, and allergies.

Therapies can include nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, nutritional therapy, exercise and fitness, detoxification, energy modalities such as acupuncture and grounding, various forms of stress reduction, sleep promotion, periodic fasting with the unique fasting mimicking diet – ProLon, and natural skin care.

We encourage you to become a member of IMGI for one year. That allows a reasonable amount of time for us to accomplish what is needed to help you become the healthy and vibrant woman of your dreams. Restoring the health of women with PCOS does take time.

Schedule Your Appointment

We do allow individual appointments to be purchased, but for most, that becomes more costly and less comprehensive in scope. If you are uncertain which approach is best for you, we suggest that you begin the process with a consultation appointment with Dr. Felice Gersh, and then decide based upon your proposed diagnosis and treatment plan.

Comprehensive Program for PCOS

Why choose our PCOS program?

PCOS is a common condition affecting 10 – 25% of all women. Unfortunately, it often goes both undiagnosed and untreated. We have combined decades of experience – both personal and clinical – with extensive research into this complex problem to develop a revolutionary approach. It starts off with a sophisticated array of advanced testing and tools that gives us insight into your state of inflammation, the condition of your gut microbiome, your nutritional status, your genetic and epigenetic status, and the balance of your hormones. We then craft a unique treatment plan specifically for you, one that combines the very latest conventional, naturopathic and holistic therapies to extinguish the smoldering embers of inflammation and help your body rediscover and reassert its own unique personal rhythms.

Finding knowledgeable and compassionate medical care in any community can be challenging, particularly when complex medical conditions are involved. And finding a fellowship-trained integrative medical doctor may be impossible. To answer this need we offer the following telemedicine options.

TeleMedicine Appointments for California Residents
Though we always encourage initial visits to be in person, in-state residents have the option of scheduling initial and all follow-up visits via phone or Skype, during which all aspects of health can be specifically addressed. Callers under 18 years old require parental consent.

TeleMedicine Appointments for Residents Outside California
Differing state laws make telemedicine more challenging, though certainly not impossible. Your first visit must be at our Irvine, California, office. Follow-up appointments can be accomplished by phone or Skype, but periodic visits to our office are required. State laws are expected to change and will become less restrictive in the future. International patients have more flexibility with appointments. Callers under 18 years of age require parental consent.

If you would like to arrange a TeleMedicine Appointment, please call our office at 949-753-7475.