Why Sweet Potatoes a healthy alternative

Why Sweet Potatoes Are a Healthy Alternative

Sadly, many consider the sweet potato a bad food choice because it has carbohydrates and is very starchy. The unjustified maligning of this regal root vegetable needs to stop now!

Only processed carbs are evil! Natural starchy vegetables, eaten without deep frying them, are incredibly healthy and truly necessary to nurture and feed the critically important gut microbiome – that recently discovered complex civilization which resides deep within us in our gut. These workhorses for our wellbeing are living creatures and require food to live. Fiber and starch are what they need to survive!! Only processed carbohydrates turn rapidly into sugar. The delicious sweet potato does not.

Just be sure when you prepare them that you don’t add unhealthy ingredients, such as marshmallows or brown sugar! These marvels of the earth, when simply prepared, taste heavenly!