How Much Exercise is Needed to Maintain Weight Loss?

Feb 16, 2017 No Comments by

I have some bad news and some good news. But, as always, the bad news comes first. If you have lost a significant amount of weight, it will undoubtedly be harder for you to maintain your new weight than it is for someone of the exact same weight and body composition who was never overweight. […]

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Risks of Conventional Hormone Replacement Therapy

Feb 02, 2017 No Comments by

This is data from rats but shows that periodic, as opposed to continuous, treatment with estradiol, is protective for the brain from ischemic damage. This article urges research be done in human females to investigate a more physiological approach to estrogen therapy than what is currently being done. This is what I absolutely believe – […]

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Artificial Sweeteners Absolutely do not Belong in Your Food!

Jan 26, 2017 No Comments by

Most women with PCOS suffer with being overweight or obese, living in a constant battle with their weight and food. Many have binge eating disorder, some have bulimia, and some even have anorexia nervosa. With the exception of the weight problem, lean women with PCOS have most of the same issues as their heavier “sisters,” […]

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What’s for Dinner?

Jan 19, 2017 No Comments by

When you sit down at the table to eat, what do you think makes for a great meal? My first rule of thumb is quite simple – all food must taste good and be good for you! Those rules simply cannot be broken. Next, once it meets those qualifications, it is really important that it […]

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How PCOS affects Depression and Anxiety

Dec 15, 2016 No Comments by

January is a month when many feel the effects of the holiday season coming to a sudden end. The decorations must all be put away; there is often a big mess of discarded wrappings to deal with, thank you notes calling to be written, and health resolutions to write… and often times to discard quite […]

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Diagnosis and Treatment of PCOS in Young Girls

Nov 03, 2016 No Comments by

Most doctors and patients alike believe that PCOS is a condition which appears in the teen years or with young adulthood, following the advent of puberty and the onset of periods. In reality, shocking as it may seem, PCOS begins with birth!! Now how, you may ask, can that happen? Doesn’t puberty herald the onset […]

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PCOS Diet: 7 Tips for Timed Eating, Weight Loss Gut Health and Better Sleep

Jun 23, 2016 No Comments by

We are “what” we eat, that remains true. But just as correct, is the very new notion that we are “when” we eat!  The newest data now shows that when you eat can determine how long and how strongly your heart will beat. Incredibly, the timing of meals may be as important for health as […]

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PCOS: Resetting Your Circadian Rhythms

May 09, 2016 No Comments by

All living creatures throughout evolution have developed biological clocks to better adapt to the 24 hour day called the Circadian Rhythm. These are called Circadian Clocks and they regulate physiology, metabolism, and behavior. In humans, many aspects of physiology are subject to circadian regulation. These include sleep-wake cycles, cognitive performance, cardiac and renal functions, digestion […]

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How Much Calcium is Necessary for Your Health?

Apr 04, 2016 No Comments by

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body and is a crucial factor in numerous body functions and structures. But what should a woman do to ensure she is consuming the correct amount of calcium to maintain a healthy body? Does a woman with PCOS need to drink milk? Until recently, the dogma […]

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3 Simple Tips for a Healthier Gallbladder

Mar 14, 2016 No Comments by

As if women with PCOS don’t have enough on their plates to deal with already, add another to the list- gallbladder dysfunction and gallstones! Yes,  it’s true… many women with PCOS also have problems with the workings of their gallbladders. But please, don’t despair. There are many options to help your gallbladders function better, and […]

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