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slide-integrative-gynecology-2-180x180Dr. Felice Gersh is one of only a handful of gynecologists who have successfully completed the Integrative Medicine fellowship at Dr. Andrew Weil’s world-renowned program at the University of Arizona. Consequently, she is able to offer you a more complete understanding of your medical condition, along with a more inclusive treatment plan that draws from a wide range of healing traditions.

This gives you a better chance for complete recovery and a return to optimal health.

Integrative gynecology looks for the underlying causation of symptoms and conditions, recognizing the complex interplay of all the organ systems in the body, along with their various hormonal interactions. In addition, lifestyle, genetic, and environmental influences play important roles.

Treatment plans often call for the use of dietary change, increased physical activity, the use of natural herbs and supplements, stress reduction, sleep improvement and the avoidance of environmental pollutants. Contact Dr. Gersh at our Irvine location, easily accessible from the Orange County areas of Huntington Beach, Tustin, Newport Coast, Mission Viejo & beyond.

As a result of this holistic approach, treatments often have fewer harmful side effects, are more effective, and prove to be longer lasting.

Integrative Gynecology focuses on the reproductive organs of the female body, while recognizing the complex relationships of those organs to the rest of the body. All areas of gynecology are treated at IMGI, including:

* Menstrual dysfunctions, with a special emphasis on PCOS and related complications

* Menopause, with an emphasis on bio-identical hormones and natural alternatives

* Uterine fibroids

* Ovarian cysts

* Recurrent and challenging vaginal infections; STDs

* Cervical health, including natural approaches to HPV and cervical dysplasias

* Breast health, including breast cancer-lowering strategies

* Preparing for pregnancies and post-partum recovery

* Bladder health, including infections; incontinence (leaky bladder); interstitial cystitis

* Endometriosis

* Vulvar skin diseases, vulvodynia, painful sexual relations, and chronic pelvic pain

* Sexual health issues

* Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS)

* Infertility

* Migraine headaches

* Female hair loss

Gynecologic Surgery

Many gynecologic surgeries are performed unnecessarily, and Dr. Gersh does everything possible to avoid surgical interventions.

There are times, however, when surgery is the best option and should be performed.

Dr. Gersh is a superb surgeon, skilled in minimally invasive vaginal surgeries such as hysteroscopic procedures, myomectomies, polypectomies, endometrial ablations, prolapse procedures (cystocele, rectocele, and uterine prolapse), ESSURE sterilization procedure, vaginal hysterectomies, laparoscopic procedures (ovarian, endometrial, and uterine), labioplasties, vaginal surgery for painful or unsatisfying intercourse, and incontinence procedures.

Click here to learn more about Dr. Gersh, her experience, and her credentials.

Women are uniquely special in many ways

Women are uniquely special in many ways, and they are NOT simply smaller, curvier men, as they are often perceived through the lens of conventional medicine. We have very specific organs that can develop unique problems at any stage of life, problems which can be devastating from a reproductive point of view, interfere with the ability to enjoy life, and threaten the foundations of health.

As a Board-Certified OB/GYN and fellowship-trained Integrative Medicine specialist, Dr. Gersh has an expanded understanding of the female body and a far greater array of therapies upon which to draw. Her expansive expertise with gynecological problems includes: breast concerns and lowering breast cancer risk, infertility, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, chronic vaginitis, interstitial cystitis and pelvic pain syndromes, menstrual irregularity and cramps, painful intercourse, loss of sexual interest and response, painful sex, and PMS.

As surprising as it may sound, all of these conditions involve inflammation! Dr. Gersh will ferret out the source of this inflammation and by tamping it down; will assist your body in reducing its symptomatic responses. The evaluation of the inflammation is similar to the evaluation we do with any chronic disease, and the treatments involve the full array of holistic, integrative, and conventional medicine.

Dr. Gersh also helps couples prepare for pregnancy, ensuring optimal health and nutritional status, and lowering levels of toxins within the body prior to attempting conception. With proper pregnancy preparation, the chance to conceive increases and the potential for pregnancy-related complications and problems with the baby decreases. We urge all women to receive pre-conception care and counselling with Dr. Gersh. Maximizing your chance for a successful pregnancy is of great importance.

Dr. Gersh is a trained gynecologic surgeon with a special interest and expertise in hysteroscopic surgery. She can evaluate abnormal bleeding with an in-office hysteroscopy and biopsy, utilizing the newest surgical device, an incredibly minute hysteroscopic instrument. The goal is to avoid major surgeries when feasible. Biofeedback, cystoscopies, and urodynamic studies to evaluate voiding issue are performed in-office. Dr. Gersh is also skilled at labioplasties and all forms of excisions and biopsies of skin lesions.

Why choose our Female Specific Problems program?
Dr. Gersh is one of the very few board-certified gynecologists in the country who has also completed the 2-year fellowship program at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. She lectures widely on women’s health issues and has recently spoken before national audiences at conferences held at Harvard University and in Miami, San Diego, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and locally throughout Orange County. She presented two days of lectures on the latest approaches to women’s healthcare issues in Dubai in May, 2016, and will be presenting the results of her research studies at an international conference in Melbourne in October, 2016.

Simply put, there are very few doctors specializing in women’s healthcare with the clinical experience, advanced skills, and far-ranging knowledge possessed by Dr. Gersh. She utilizes all of these talents in finding unique solutions for you and then directing the efforts of our team in executing your treatment plan.

We have all the tools necessary to diagnose your problems and treat them in the most effective and most natural way. Instead of simply managing your care from one acute episode to the next, we search for root causes and then address them with well-conceived complementary therapies personalized to your situation and preferences.

We use cutting-edge laboratory testing, advanced vascular imaging, holistic, functional, and integrative therapies, homeopathy, fitness evaluations and prescriptions, detoxes, acupuncture, diet advice, intermittent fasting programs, bioidentical hormones, and, if necessary, conventional pharmaceuticals.

Our goal is for you to reclaim your health and enjoy your natural birthright of vitality and happiness. We would be honored to assist you in this quest and look forward to being your partner in health.

Finding knowledgeable and compassionate medical care in any community can be challenging, particularly when complex medical conditions are involved. And finding a fellowship-trained integrative medical doctor may be impossible. To answer this need we offer the following telemedicine options.

TeleMedicine Appointments for California Residents
Though we always encourage initial visits to be in person, in-state residents have the option of scheduling initial and all follow-up visits via phone or Skype, during which all aspects of health can be specifically addressed. Callers under 18 years old require parental consent.

TeleMedicine Appointments for Residents Outside California
Differing state laws make telemedicine more challenging, though certainly not impossible. Your first visit must be at our Irvine, California, office. Follow-up appointments can be accomplished by phone or Skype, but periodic visits to our office are required. State laws are expected to change and will become less restrictive in the future. International patients have more flexibility with appointments. Callers under 18 years of age require parental consent.

If you would like to arrange a TeleMedicine Appointment, please call our office at 949-753-7475.

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