Surgery is never undertaken lightly. We take a conservative approach, working to maintain female organs and avoid surgical interventions when possible. Nevertheless, there are times when surgery is necessary to maintain a good quality of life, and even to maintain life itself. When surgery is needed, it is performed by Dr. Felice Gersh, one of the premiere gynecological surgeons in Orange County. A former Assistant Clinical Professor of Gynecology at USC/Keck School of Medicine, she taught residents and interns how to perform surgery for many years. She is skilled in the most sophisticated procedures, offering office procedures as well as D&C’s, hysteroscopies and labioplasties. Unlike many gynecologists, Dr. Gersh is an expert vaginal surgeon, a skill few gynecologists possess.

Dr. Gersh is an outspoken critic on the topic of cosmetic vaginal and vulvar surgery. Though she is expert at performing vaginal and vulvar reconstructive surgeries, performing the newest techniques for labioplasties and vaginal tightening, she nevertheless feels many of these surgeries are being done on women who have no defects, who simply need reassurance that they possess normal anatomy. Although vaginal repairs can be appropriate, many are performed without valid indication, done poorly, and have unsatisfactory results. If you are contemplating such surgery, we recommend a second opinion from Dr. Gersh.