Brain and Emotional Health

What can be more important than the health of one’s brain? Sadly, safe-guarding this precious organ has not been a priority of our society or the current medical system. At times we feed ourselves and our children junk foods and gain too much weight. We often do not get enough exercise and spend too much time watching television. We get exposed to toxic chemicals in our homes and environments. Sadly, all of these are factors in the development of cognitive decline and mood disorders. And the solution is much more complex than simply prescribing a pill.

Brain health is cultivated from the time of conception onward, but since we cannot turn back the clock, we work with each person to identify the problematic lifestyle issues, hormonal and chemical imbalances now present, and the level of motivation and willingness to change possessed by each individual.

Each person receives a thorough evaluation. Then we design an individualized plan of treatment. Though it may include prescription pharmaceuticals, it will certainly go far beyond such treatments, with the goal being to use prescription medications for the shortest time necessary to accomplish our therapeutic goals. The treatment plan may include any of the following: pharmaceuticals, hormonal treatments, nutritional supplements and herbs, Chinese Medicine, Reiki, biofeedback, massage, GI detoxification, and homeopathy.