Fitness & Personal Training

Exercise and fitness are core components of a healthy lifestyle and are frequently, along with diet and nutrition, the most effective treatments for many chronic disease conditions. Research over the past 20 years has demonstrated the profound effects exercise has in prolonging life, improving cognitive function, reducing the risks of cardiovascular disease and metabolic dysfunction, and preventing excessive weight gain.

At IMGI we offer a variety of programs designed to return you to optimal health.

One-On-One Personal Training

For those looking to make consistent progress in their fitness, one-on-one personal training offers a supervised format for increasing volume, intensity, and resistance; while also adjusting focus with new exercises and techniques. We have 3-month and 6-month programs that meet once, twice or three times per week. Sessions are one-hour long and include a warm-up, resistance training, and stretching/cool down.

Small Group Personal Training

Small Group training sessions offer an affordable, yet still highly effective, alternative to one-on-one training. These hour-long classes consist of no more than five participants who perform the same sets of circuit-based exercises. Each class member, however, does the exercises at her own speed, intensity, and resistance level. This allows for individual progress in a supportive group setting. Classes can be taken two or three times per week and are offered Monday through Friday.

All of our Center for Active Lifestyle Medicine programs – weight loss, PCOS, detoxification, and anti-aging – incorporate fitness training, and all sessions are run by our ACSM-certified Personal Trainer, Bob Tygenhof. If you are interested in adding a fitness component to your healthy lifestyle or participating in one of our Active Lifestyle Medicine Programs, call our office and schedule a FREE Fitness Consultation with Bob.