Advanced Testing

To best evaluate your unique state of health and to allow us to optimize your treatment plan, we dig deep to determine the status of your body, in ways you’ve likely never been screened. We utilize cutting-edged laboratory testing, including the most advanced functional medicine tests, along with sophisticated imaging studies, cognitive and sleep testing, and fitness evaluations and body composition testing.


Here is just a sampling of what we offer:


Cleveland HeartLab: High end tests looking at inflammation markers, fractionated lipids, cholesterol, hormones, nutrients, and more – to accurately evaluate your risk of suffering a cardiovascular event (stroke or heart attack)


Functional Medicine Testing from multiple CLIA Certified labs: nutrient status, gut microbiome and leaky gut status, heavy metals, toxins, mold, autoimmunity status, gluten antibodies, genetic SNPs, adrenal status, hormones,  food and environmental allergies, and more.


High-end imaging: Vascular ultrasounds-carotid arteries; Echocardiograms, Ankle-Brachial Index, Ultrasounds of the pelvis, abdomen, thyroid, kidneys, liver


Fitness Status and Body Composition: To evaluate these measures of health, we utilize the talents of our Lifestyle Coach and Specialist in Fitness, Bob, along with our brand new SECA – the state of the art Body Composition Machine. Fitness status is now recognized as a vital sign of health, surpassing Blood Pressure as a predictor of mortality risk. Weight and height measurements are not sufficient, as a healthy percentage body fat and muscle are critical to wellbeing and not revealed by one’s BMI (body mass index).