Should we remove Fallopian tubes as a cancer preventative

Should We Remove Fallopian Tubes as a Cancer Preventative?

This is an interesting topic – the prophylactic removal of body structures to hopefully lower cancer incidence and mortality.

Removal of the Fallopian tubes has recently become a big topic of discussion in GYN circles as there is recent data showing that by doing so the risk of the development of ovarian cancer, rare but often deadly, appears to be reduced. The Fallopian tubes are now being removed at the time of a hysterectomy for benign disease, but it is now also being brought up that they can be removed as a sterilization procedure in place of a tubal ligation. As well, that the tubes could be removed in any woman no longer wishing fertility at the time of any elective or non-emergency abdominal surgery.

It does, however, make me think of the innumerable removals of the appendix, long believed to be a pointless structure and the source of major mortality and morbidity when appendicitis occurs. Now it turns out that the appendix is an important part of the gut immune system and the microbiome and the incidence of colon cancer is dramatically higher if the appendix is removed.

Perhaps Fallopian tubes are also important in ways not yet understood. Nothing can be assumed to have one purpose. Nothing is quite as straightforward to me as it once was. The human body is clearly filled with innumerable mysteries!! We think we know it all – we know next to nothing!! Still, we must take action based on the knowledge we have.

What is the best path to healthy longevity? We are still searching, but perhaps removing those innocent appearing Fallopian tubes is part of the answer … but do proceed with caution!!
Meanwhile … I will stay on high alert!