Our medical practice has been using ProLon, the unique fasting mimicking diet (FMD), longer and with more patients than any other practice in the nation. As a result, we were selected to develop the first ProLon Center of Excellence. Our Comprehensive ProLon Program combines the incredible health benefits of fasting with the many proven benefits of a multifaceted lifestyle program.

ProLon was developed at the Longevity Institute at USC, under the directorship of Professor Valter Longo, after two decades of dedicated research.  There they discovered that not eating for just a few days stimulates an amazing array of rejuvenating benefits for the body. Professor Longo and his team then went on to create a five-day nutrition program that allows one to eat three specially designed, tasty and satisfying meals per day; yet the body doesn’t “see” the food and behaves as if fasting with only water had occurred. Research data is now accumulating showing potential benefits and support for people with metabolic disorders, such as abnormal blood pressure and blood sugar regulation issues, autoimmune conditions, cognitive problems, and cancer.

The five-day meal program has been called a Fasting Mimicking Diet – the stomach sees food, but the brain sees fasting! One gets both the incredible benefits of a short five-day fast, along with the pleasure and nutritional support of continued eating. The diet was carefully crafted and tested to ensure that it truly mimics a fast.

Optimizing Your Health

Our Comprehensive ProLon Program augments and amplifies the benefits of a Fasting Mimicking Diet by including long-term dietary guidance, physical activity, the avoidance of toxic chemicals, plenty of personal support and more.

  • Ongoing nutritional and dietary guidance for the periods between ProLon cycles. Proper nutrient intake immediately following the ProLon cycle allows stem cells to complete the rejuvenation process, while a long-term anti-inflammatory diet cements the benefits in place.
  • Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription tell you where to focus your efforts. Once you know what exercises to do and how to do them, we’ll help you fill in the rest of the blanks: which exercises to do, when to do them, and how much to do.
  • Avoidance of environmental toxins. Toxic food additives and ingredients aren’t the only things you need to worry about. We’ll show you how to identify and avoid endocrine disrupting chemicals, possible and probably cancer causing substances, and harmful chemicals that contaminate personal care products, clothing, and furniture.
  • Measure and manage your progress. We can’t manage the effectiveness of the fasting mimicking diet and its complementary elements, if we don’t measure your progress. Four times per year we will measure and evaluate your body composition, while twice yearly we will perform lab tests to track your response to the program.
  • Online weekly support meetings. Each week you will have the option of joining an online support meeting to share successes and discuss common problems. We’ll also let you know about any late-breaking news of particular relevance to our ProLon community members.