Our Expertise

We are a practice unlike any other, with exceptional skills and talents, and an amazing array of therapies and holistic tools available for your benefit. We are proud to be your answer to functional medicine and gynecology in Orange County, providing non-surgical treatments to a variety of conditions, as well as anti-aging and preventive health programs.

Our team is capable of tackling the most complex medical conditions, of both genders, and of all ages, addressing the intricate reality of the human body and all of its pressing issues. We encourage you to join us on the journey towards health… whatever your complex medical issues may be. If you are fortunate to be entirely healthy, and your goal is a sustained vibrant life, our “Tame the Flames of Aging” option will be perfect for you.

Our diagnostic tools include the most advanced laboratory tests available. A sampling of the tests we might order include measuring your hormones, checking your cardiovascular status, investigating your epigenetics, evaluating gut and immune health, testing your toxin load, and checking for allergies to food and environmental antigens. We also utilize state-of-the-art ultrasound and vascular imaging.

Our therapeutic toolbox is vast, including advanced hormone treatments, herbal and nutritional therapies, including the newest in fasting mimicking diets as researched and created by Professor Valter Longo, Ph.D., Director of the Longevity Institute at USC. As every patient is unique, we offer an array of weight-loss and nutrition programs. Other therapies include detoxification programs, various IV therapies, Reiki energy treatments, many forms of acupuncture, homeopathy, far-infrared sauna treatments, Freedom Technique (tapping), traditional yoga, meditation, grounding (earthing,) therapeutic massage, organic skin care, and fitness evaluations, along with group and personal training classes.

Dr. Gersh, a Board Certified integrative OB/GYN, can attend to your many gynecological issues. She also performs pelvic floor biofeedback, cystoscopies, and urodynamic evaluations for incontinence issues. Her goal is to avoid surgery when possible, and to be as minimally invasive with her treatments as she can be. She is an award-winning surgeon, with advanced skills, specializing in office hysteroscopies (looking into the uterine cavity,) for which she utilizes the newest, extraordinarily small devices. When outpatient surgery is necessary, she can swiftly and adeptly remove fibroids and polyps from the uterine cavity, or perform ablations. Her knowledge of herbals and functional and integrative medicine greatly expands her approaches to female problems.

Our team of medical specialists cares greatly for your health, utilizing our vast therapeutic toolbox to promptly address the causes of inflammation in your body, while always offering the most efficacious and least harmful natural therapy as the initial approach. From our Irvine location, we provide naturopathic, non-surgical and functional medicine to people throughout Orange County including Laguna Hills, Newport Coast, Tustin, Lake Forest, Huntington Beach & Mission Viejo.