Karen Thorp, LE

About Karen Thorp, LE

Karen Thorp, LE, our Integrative licensed Aesthetician, specializes in high-quality skin care, including facials, various types of medical peels, microdermabrasion, home skin care, topicals, and nutrition for the skin. Through her studies at Beauty School and her 10 years of experience working at Burke Williams Day Spa, she gained the insight and knowledge needed to identify the right treatment program for even the most sensitive skin types.

She believes deeply in the philosophy of integrative medicine, and has been instrumental in the introduction of several organic skincare products to our practice, including mineral-based, organic make-up.

Karen teams with Dr. Gersh in creating an aesthetic treatment regimen that addresses the unique skincare problems confronting our PCOS patients. Acne, and particularly cystic acne, can be remarkably improved with a medical program that reduces systemic inflammation and topically heals the skin, while carefully avoiding skincare lotions, creams, and make-up that can aggravate the acne.

When you schedule an appointment with Karen, you will not only receive an extraordinarily effective therapy, but also the guidance to be able to continue to treat your skin at home. She will assist you in bringing your skin to its optimal condition.