Eating fresh vegetables and oils help reduce risk of cardiovascular disease

Eating Fresh Vegetables and oils help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

A recent edition of the Journal of the American Heart Association stated that eating healthy fats lowers the risk of a cardiovascular event just as much as the use of statins does .

In most cases, I do not recommend statins, particularly for women with no history of a cardiovascular event, such as a heart attack or a stroke. There are definite downsides to the use of statins, including muscle pain, increased risks of diabetes and dementia, and rarely muscle breakdown – a condition known as rhabdomyolysis. That event can lead to renal failure and permanent kidney damage.

However, no such risks occur with eating fresh vegetables and their oils. I’d like to make a plea, however, to refrain from buying non-organic oils or oils chemically extracted. Only organic expeller-pressed oils should be eaten … or better yet … eat the whole food … like whole olives! I am a big believer in whole foods, so even oils are second-rate compared with the entire food entity, which has all the wonderful fiber and nutrients still within it!

It’s great to see a published article in a mainstream journal extol the benefits of food, and compare favorably the benefits of eating food with a pharmaceutical!! Hooray!!

Reference:Replacing Saturated Fats With Healthy Fats Lowers CVD Risk

Prolong Use Of Oral Contraceptive, Higher Risk Of Risk Of Hypertension

Prolong Use of Oral Contraceptives, Higher Risk of Hypertension

Nothing should be “too big to fail,” including the mega-industry of female contraceptives! It must be openly acknowledged that female hormones are essential for overall female health and that interfering with them – at any age, but particularly in young teens – is fraught with risks, both known and unknown.

Oral contraceptives and implantables with “pseudo-hormones” are chemical endocrine disruptors, specifically developed to interfere with the normal functioning of the female body. We must be honest in our discussion of these drugs – they are NOT HORMONES! There is not a hormone to be found in any oral contraceptive. They all contain endocrine disruptors – artificial chemicals designed to interfere with the normal functioning of the female body.

Sadly, reproduction and reproductive hormones are intimately linked to every function of the female body – metabolic, immune, cardiovascular, cognitive, mood, and more. Interfering with reproductive hormones disrupts and compromises much more than reproduction – in fact, their interference impacts every single body system – and for the worse.

The sad fact is that no one will openly broach this topic, as the use of oral contraceptives and such chemicals in a variety of formats has become ingrained into our social fabric. There are almost no long-term concerns being voiced about their use.

This article at least broaches the topic of oral contraceptive use and hypertension. It concludes that for every 5 years of pill use, the risk of developing hypertension increases by 13%. The limitations of this meta-analysis are significant, but at least this much was deciphered.

We must truly research other contraceptive options that are both reversible and that do not place toxic foreign chemicals in the bodies of women. While we do not want undesired pregnancies, the cost cannot be the health of the entire population of young women.

See article: Association between duration of oral contraceptive use and risk of hypertension: A meta-analysis

Grey Hair Linked with Increased Heart Disease Risk in Men

Grey Hair Linked with Increased Heart Disease Risk in Men

You thought of your grey hair as a cosmetic burden to deal with, along with being an outright nuisance … and considered that to be plenty to contend with. Now it turns out that the grey is so more than “hair strand deep!” It’s now been shown, confirming what many thought already, myself included, that grey hair also meant that your insides were, at least theoretically, greying as well!

Yes – we now must add a dangerous veneer to the pain of greying hair, as it has been shown in men (ladies this most definitely should apply to you too, though your gender has yet to be studied) that it indicates a very real increased risk of cardiovascular events.

But why would this be? Why should grey strands on your noggin foretell of a disastrous heart attack or stroke? The reason for this correlation is so simple to grasp. Grey hair is a sign of oxidative stress, of an imbalance favoring free radicals! Free radicals are molecules carrying an unmatched electron,

making it exist in a state of oxidative stress – it needs an electron to balance its charge and neutralize it! It’s now an oxidant in search of an antioxidant!

In women in menopause in particular, lack of estrogen predisposes to oxidative stress and lots of free radicals. Another way to think of this is that grey hair is a sign of inflammation!! And inflammation breeds disease! If oxidative stress and free radicals exist in one place in the body, you can be safe extrapolate  that they exist everywhere! And free radicals at the level of the scalp leads to a state of inflammation and oxidative stress at the hair follicle – and hence the greying of hair!

Rather than freaking out about this, better to just swallow and take the steps needed to reduce your level of inflammation and be grateful you know the score prior to a bad event! Together we can lower your state of inflammation and lower your risk of a cardiovascular event (heart attack or stroke, or heart or kidney failure … down the line!)

With a whole foods, organic diet, filled with fiber and an array of vegetables and fruits, along with exercise, proper sleep, stress control, and detoxification – your body can be restored to a much healthier state.

And will the grey hair disappear? This has yet to be tested … so let’s see how your hair reacts!! No promises for the hair, but for sure your arteries will smile!!!